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5 Easy Ways To Use RSS On Your Site

You hear so much talk about RSS these days on the Internet and in

the media. Everyone is acknowledging it’s importance in boosting

your site’s presence on the web. Not to mention how it can increase

your site’s traffic and ranking. But what exactly is RSS and how can

I actually use it on my site? Try these Five Easy Ways…

First, just what is RSS?

RSS stands for ‘Really Simple Syndication’. Basically, RSS allows

you to directly deliver your content to all interested parties…

don’t come to us; we will deliver the information to you or your website.

It syndicates your content. It lets you send updated headlines and

brief summaries to your subscribers. In a nutshell; it’s simply

a more efficient way to get your content ‘out there’.

Many people associate RSS with Blogs or Blogging because Blogs

are usually written in XML or RSS format (code like html) so that

these headlines and postings can be easily read and accessed.

RSS has been around for awhile but it really didn’t catch

on when users had to use RSS readers or aggregators but with

the increasing popularity of MyYahoo, the Firefox Browser

and Blogging…RSS is becoming: more popular, more accessible

and more mainstream.

That’s great –you say– but just how do I put the

stuff on my site!

If you’re wondering how to actually use RSS and Benefit from

it — Try these Five Easy Ways…

1. How do I Get My OWN RSS Feed?

First, you need to get an RSS Feed for your site. There are

several ways to do this. Let’s just stick with the easiest.

You can use a site like and start a Blog on

your site’s topic or any topic that interests you.

Creating a blog with sites like Blogger (owned by Google)

or Bloglines (recently acquired by Ask Jeeves) is quick,

fast, and painless. Within minutes you can have your own blog

up and running.

This Blog will also supply you with an RSS Feed that you can

place on your site. Get a XML or RSS orange button and place

it on your site. Link it to your RSS Feed url – this is your

atom.xml link if you’re using Blogger.

You can also use a MyYahoo button so visitors can add your

feed to their MyYahoo. Each time a subscriber opens their

MyYahoo site; your RSS Feed will be updated.

You can also add ‘MyMsn’ and ‘Bloglines’ buttons on your site.

Plus others, give your visitors every opportunity to subscribe

to your RSS Feed or Blog, and you will see a marked increase in

visitors to your site.

Of course, you can also get your own blogging software and install

it on your site. For those who want to choose this route, it might

be helpful to check out this comprehensive comparison of the different

blogging software here:

2. How Do I Place Other RSS Feeds On My Site?

Have a cool RSS Feed from your favorite site and you want to

place that Feed’s content on your own site. How is it done?

It’s a lot easier than you think!

There are several ways, but we’ll again stick with the

easiest way. If you just want to place headlines on your

site – try a free service like and you

will get a headline animator. This will display the RSS feed’s

headlines with links to the content.

If you want to place other content from a feed on your site

– one of the easiest ways I found is to use this free site:


This site will generate the source code (html or javascript)

that you need to place into your webpages. It’s good because

it gives your code in several options: Javascript, Php file,

and Iframe.

Keep in mind that Search Engines cannot or don’t read

javascript so if you want this daily updated content to be

indexed please be aware of this.

Just take this code and add it your webpages where you

want this content to go.

3. How do I place MSN Search Results Directly on My Site?

MSN has come out with their Beta Program using RSS in their

search. You can now place RSS search results directly onto

your website. It can enrich your site with daily updated content.

And it’s quite simple to use; just add “&format=rss” at the end of the

URL in your MSN search engine query. For example, to get an RSS Feed for

‘tsunami relief’ you would use this url:

4. How do I place Yahoo Results on my site?

In Yahoo the URL would be slightly different:

Of course, in both cases you can change ‘tsunami+relief’ with the keyword

or phrase of your choice to suit your website’s content.

Yahoo also has an RSS Search Directory here:

5. What are Tags? How can I use them on my site?

Tags are more or less keywords for blogs and you should

take advantage of them to bring targeted traffic to your

site or blog.

Tags have hit the radar lately because Technorati, which

indexes 4.5 million blogs, started sorting blog posts by

using tags.

They have created a folksonomy, drawing tags from

different sources, mainly which sorts or

groups pictures and from — where you

create a tag when you bookmark a page.

Or if your blogging software supports categories; this will

be recognized by Technorati as a tag.

If you want to create a ‘tag’ it’s very simple; just place

this code in your blog:


(remove asterisks in actual code)

and you will have created a tag for computers.


You have just discovered five easy ways to put RSS on your

website, but you have to implement this newly acquired information

in order to see any results. You don’t have to try all five — just

pick a few and put them on your site. Just take action and do it.

It’s fairly easy, and you will see the benefits of RSS

almost immediately. You will also see what all the fuss is


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